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Floor Cleaning Services

Ercolano Cleaning & Restoration LLC provides thorough floor cleaning services to homeowners and business owners throughout Connecticut. If we serve your area, be sure to enlist our professionals to make your floors shine and look great. Rest assured, our cleaning crews are led by highly trained supervisors who ensure the work is done to your satisfaction. 

We maintain and clean the following types of floors: tile, vinyl, marble, linoleum, stone, terrazzo, and wood. Call to learn about our regular commercial cleaning services and our maintenance program.
Are your floors lacking shine or an eye-catching finish? We can develop a program to keep your commercial floors looking shinier than ever before with our floor stripping services. Businesses turn to us because we work when it’s most convenient for you. We won’t cause any downtime or be an inconvenience to your daily routine. We can strip and wax your floors on weekends or overnight.

How it works
1. Clean the floors
2. Vacuum the floors
3. Apply a stripping solution
4. Work the solution into old layers of wax
5. Remove the stripping solution and old wax
6. Rinse the floors
7. Apply a sealer once the floorshave dried
8. Apply 2-3 coats of a high-quality floor finish
9. Move furnishingsback where they belong
Call us to make your floors shine like new again!

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