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Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage AK is your dedicated provider of professional area rug cleaning in Eagle River, AK. Our trusted experts have the required tools and equipment to clean and remove dust, dirt, mud, oils, odors, pet urine, smoke ash, and glassware spills from your most-cherished area rugs. We carry out our professional cleaning using natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions. With this, we are able to achieve brilliant and professional results.

Why Should I Clean My Area Rug Regularly?

Area rugs are very valuable in interior decoration. Asides from being beautiful statement accents in the living area, they provide an added level of comfort, style, and protection. Like every important item in your home, you need to take care of your area rug. Some specific reasons you should clean your area rug regularly include:

  • To make it look more attractive – your area rug helps beautifies your home but when it is dirty, the essence is defeated; when it is properly cleaned by professionals, they become more beautiful and attractive
  • To make your home healthier – cleaning your area rug regularly will improve hygiene in your home; when they are not cleaned on a regular basis, area rugs have the tendency to attract harmful allergens, bacteria, and other particles
  • To improve the comfort it offers – area rugs can become extremely uncomfortable and smelly when they are not properly cared for; regular cleaning will improve the comfort it offers to you are your loved ones
  • To increase the lifespan of the rug and the floor – area rugs helps to protect your rug and when they are not properly maintained they will fail; regular cleaning will extend the lifespan of the rug and your carpet and hardwood floor
  • It is affordable – you should also embrace professional area rug cleaning as it is far more affordable than many imagine
  • It will save you money on the long run – on the long run, cleaning your area rug regularly will save you money; the cost of correcting flooring issues or buying new area rug is often higher than what it takes to keep it clean.

What Are The Steps Involved In Area Rug Cleaning?

The steps involved in area rug cleaning will vary from one cleaning company to another but the major steps include:

  • Rug Inspection – the area rug is examined to ascertain the level of cleaning and treatment it needs before it is taken out for cleaning
  • Dry Soil Removal – this process removes dust and other dry particles
  • Color Testing – this is done to determine potential color bleeding and minimize it
  • Rug Fringe Cleaning – this is done carefully by the professionals to avoid damage
  • Shampoo – this is done to loosen and bring the soil to surface for extraction
  • Rinsing – to get rid of all dirt, grime and shampoo
  • Rug Grooming ­– to make drying easier
  • Drying – different methods can be used to remove all moisture
  • Post-Inspection – to ensure the result is consistent with required quality
  • Vacuum – to remove all dust before folding for delivery.

Choose Us for Your Area Rug Cleaning In Eagle River

Do you need professional area rug cleaning? Contact us today at Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning Anchorage AK for a quote. We offer affordable and well-detailed services. We can create a personalized cleaning solution based on your needs. We guarantee you excellent services that will surpass your expectations.

Area Rug Cleaning Eagle River
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Area Rug Cleaning Eagle River
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