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Hazardous Waste Disposal Center Chicago

Hazardous Waste Disposal Center Chicago

 Hazardous Waste Disposal Center Chicago

Hazardous waste can pose grave health risks to the public and the environment. That is why it is important to hire hazardous waste management facilities that are equipped for the task. These facilities are in the business of receiving hazardous wastes for treatment, storage, or disposal. Still, it’s vital to understand that not all waste disposal companies are committed to a green environment. Some simply collect the waste and dump it in landfills which further compounds the problem. At AQS Services, we are committed to a zero-landfill initiative. That’s why we offer custom, environmentally-friendly hazardous waste removal solutions to companies depending on their needs. 

So, if you are around Chicago and you are looking for professional solutions to your hazardous waste problems, here are some reasons why you should choose us for the hazardous waste disposal centerline.

We Have the Experience 

We are one of the top hazardous waste management facilities in the Chicago area. We have attained this position after over 38 years of experience in the hazardous waste, tank removal, and environmental remediation service industry.

We have provided hazardous waste transportation and disposal services to major clients in the past two decades. These long years of providing premium waste disposal services have earned a reputation for safety, reliability, and efficiency.

One principle guiding our approach to disposing of hazardous waste is our understanding that hazardous waste is often unplanned. As such, it takes businesses and private homes by surprise. In most cases, such unexpected situations affect budget considerations negatively. That is why we have developed a model that implements cost control to diminish the burden of these unexpected yet essential circumstances. Here are some of the services we offer

Special Waste Disposal

We are experts at handling various types of waste like hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and solids. We are also adept at the disposal of various hazardous containers and helping with e-waste recycling and universal waste recycling.

Industrial Services

We also offer services like industrial site cleaning, various plant services, and railcar transloading, among others. We are able to do this because we have OSHA & 40 hr Haz Woper trained/certified individuals in our employ. 

Zero landfill initiative! 

We also distribute the Organic HTP Oil Solidifier Encapsulator, which facilitates cleaning oil spills and oil leaks. With this equipment, it becomes easy to clean more oil with less hassle and disposal.

Environmental Remediation

Should you choose to hire us, you will also enjoy environmental remediation services that include the cleaning, removing, and demolishing of  UST/AST on a large and small scale. We also fix soil remediation issues while strictly adhering to the standards set forth by the EPA.

Get In Touch With Us

At AQS services, we are more than capable of handling your hazardous waste storage needs regardless of the scale. We take pride in offering top-of-the-line waste removal services to companies that deal with hazardous waste, and you can trust us for professional waste handling and disposal. The next time you need trusted hands for disposing of hazardous waste, contact AQS Services on 630-789-3345. 



Hazardous Waste Disposal Center Chicago
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Hazardous Waste Disposal Center Chicago
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